I remember…..

The year is  2010.  I am now 63 years old. I have retired from active employment. The time to seek personal glory is past. Now is the time to reminisce and reflect.  These stories are my memoirs.

The Journey …

Now that I have some extra time to spare  I am less in a hurry than before to get to where I am going. Thus when my family and I drove south from Penang recently we decided to exit the highway and took the old road. I have lived in many towns and villages in Perak along  the old road. This was therefore a journey down memory lane! We exited the highway to pass through Bandar Baru  to visit Parit Buntar and then Bagan Serai.

As we drove on the bridge from Bandar Baru to Parit Buntar my mind traveled over half a  century back. Parit Buntar was my birthplace.

The Bridge

I remember in the 1950s there was no bridge linking Bandar Baru to Parit Buntar. Children who lived across the river had to take a ferry to go to school in Parit Buntar.  In a padi growing area it took some determination among parents and the schoolchildren to take this challenge. After all, schooling was often optional at those times, particularly during padi planting and harvesting seasons.

I remember many years later hearing the news of a ferry tragedy in the river. A ferry with adults and schooldren was swept by the river tide.  It was only in the 1970s  that a bridge was finally built across the river. Today the bridge across the river stands solid in concrete.


5 thoughts on “I remember…..

  1. Dear Datuk Syed Aznan,
    Congratulations on this entertaining memoirs about days past. I stumbled on them by chance. I always feel that everybody has a story to tell. Yours is well thought and well written and chronicles an important time of your country’s development.
    I asked about you during my trip to KL last July. I believe my good friend Nik Z. also tried to get you to a joint lunch.
    I shall look forward to see your more recent memoirs.
    Dr Ali Soliman, Former CEO of ICD.


  2. Saya terpaksa menulis dalam bahasa ibunda kerana saya hanya empat tahun di GES, Bagan Serai, dari 1958 – 1961. Dari SEK Melayu Bagan Searai, bersebelahan dengan bangunan papan GES dalam darjah 4. Mula masuk dari SMC One dengan gurunya Mr Ahmad Sufian dan berakhir pada tahun 1961 dengan form teacher Gucharan Sinh.

    Tujuan aku menulis ni hanya untuk mencari kawan-kawan lama seperti Mior Mohamad Razlan, Raja Akram, Redzuan (arwah), Ibrahim (penjara) dan yang perempuan pula seperti Rosnah, Noraini dan lain-lain.

    Aku kini telah bersara dan tinggal di 47 Jalan 1/10, Lembah Beriah, Bagan Serai.


    1. Salam, dan terima kasih atas komen saudara. Saya masuk darjah SMC One tahun 1957 selepas darjah 3 di Sekolah Melayu Bagan Serai. Cik Gu Ahmad Suffian juga guru darjah saya di SMC One.


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