Family Emblem

Education Talk. I have three children: sons Imran and Aiman, and daughter Syahirah. My eldest son, Imran attended boarding school in Malaysia but on the long school holidays he would join the family in Jeddah. When the children were growing up we always had our family meal at the kitchen dining table, while the family … Continue reading Family Emblem


Menjunjung Duli – A loyalty pledge to the King.

  *This article is an edited translation of the original article titled “Istiadat Menjunjung Duli” written in Malay on 7/12/2013. In front of the Singgahsana (the Throne), at Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar, Perak, 19 April 2010.   The “Istiadat Menjunjung Duli” in the state of Perak is a royal tradition in the court of Malay … Continue reading Menjunjung Duli – A loyalty pledge to the King.