Family Emblem

Family Emblem. 8/1/2018. During the period 1997 -2009 I was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia working for an  international development finance organisation. I have three children: two sons and a daughter as the youngest child. The whole family followed me to Jeddah, except my eldest son who stayed back in Malaysia to attend boarding school. He … Continue reading Family Emblem


Joining the Civil Service, 1970.

8/9/2017 (ed.10/9/17) Joining the Civil Service. I joined the Malaysian Civil Service in early 1970. It was during the time of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia. The Chief Secretary to the Government was then Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin. This was the beginning of my long career in public service at … Continue reading Joining the Civil Service, 1970.

Going To School

In the 1950s children went to school at an early age of five years. Some even entered school earlier, usually the children of school-teachers.  I suppose it was a good way to get children out of the house and do something productive during the day! Some time in 1952 when I was approaching five years old I … Continue reading Going To School